What Can I Expect When I Visit?

– You can expect to find a welcoming, inclusive group of people who are glad you have come to worship with us. Our denomination is Pentecostal, but we are welcoming to anyone of any denomination, race and gender. We strive to be an inclusive, diverse church whose goal is solely coming together to worship our Lord as a whole.

What Time Is Service?

– On Sunday mornings, we start off our day with Sunday School at 9:00a.m. followed by morning service and children’s church at 10:00a.m. We also have Small Groups on Sunday nights for Adults, Youth, and College starting at 6pm. On Wednesday we have a main service and SCOG Kids’ Night at 7pm.

What About My Kids?

– Children are loved at our church. They are the next generation of leaders, and we don’t take that lightly! We provide a wonderful children’s church for the children to attend during Sunday morning services. We provide nursery care for children ages 0-3 for Sunday morning and night services, as well as Wednesday night. We also offer classes for older children on Wednesday nights. Teenagers also welcomed, we have an awesome youth group for them to attend on Wednesday nights. And of course, being based in a college town, we have a great college ministry for college students/young adults. Click here to check out our college ministry!

Are There Accommodations For The Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

– Yes! We have sign language interpreters who will gladly sign the service for those who are deaf, so they can receive the Word as well.

*For more information, check out our what we believe page.